About Sochi International Film Awards

Sochi International Film Awards.

December 10 – December 17, 2017



Amidst the corporate globalisation of different cultures and domination of media coverage of all aspects of our lives leading to misconceptions and prejudices, one art form continues to span the divide between nations around the globe.

That art form is the international language of film.

Our aim is to bring together the diversity of craft and story-telling in this unifying creative expression through the lens of cameras at the beautiful Olympic city of Sochi.

In a world becoming increasingly fragmented by confrontation and insecurity, our mission is to build a cultural bridge between Russia and Britain and the world; to promote the universal appeal of visual narrative, human experiences and dramatic interpretation, and to impart a powerful message of hope for humankind.

Cinema has the power to change opinions, create an atmosphere of harmony and peace and touch people of all ethnicities in a human way that reminds us that there is more that connects us than divides us emotionally, spiritually and culturally.

Join the SIFA celebration of cinema with your entry and grace us with your presence as we show the rest of the world how to display open minds and hearts of gold on the silver screen.