Sochi Films Awards Application

This form is for entries of films only


In order to submit a film to the Sochi International Film Awards you have to send the completed film entry form below to the festival before the given deadline. DVDs are acceptable but links to the film on internet are preferable. Screening copies must be in Blu-ray or quality digital formats.

Films submission to the Sochi International Film Awards should be done via on-line services like Vimeo or Youtube (Upload videos longer than 15 minutes), upload them in private mode.
Vimeo: you must have a Vimeo Plus or PRO account, you'll be able to upload your film privately and password protect it. Insert the link and password in the form below.
Youtube: you can upload the film freely and privately (how to upload videos on youtube). Share the uploaded film with this email address and insert the link in the form below.

You can also submit your films via email, sending us a link of the online screener via:

Please have with you a master disc of your film to provide to the technical director if he advices to do so.

In any case, we ask you to carefully read the Festival's Terms of Use.


Please note:

  • One entry form must be filled out for each film.
  • A film entry can only be finished successfully if your browser supports the use of "cookies".
  • A successfully completed film entry does not automatically mean the inclusion of the film in the festival program. All submissions are subject to review by the SIFA Selection Committee and you will be informed accordingly.
  • The online poster version will be posted ASAP on the Sochi International Film Awards – public Facebook page & channel that gives you extensive online promotion!  We also will post on 4 other official sites.
    THE SAME POSTER NEEDS TO BE PRINTED IN PAPER PRINT and you must bring it along with you to the festival – we will place it inside the press lounge-festival venue for the press call.
    YOUR OFFICIAL FESTIVAL POSTER – recommended size: 55cm by 85cm or in inches: 22 wide by 34 inch long. Please put on the poster the following OFFICIAL SELECTION logo:
    small size png, transparent background: sifa-official-selection.png

Application Form


STEP 1: Complete the online application, ensure you fill all required field boxes.

STEP 2: Upload your film poster using the upload feature.

STEP 3: Click SUBMIT & PAY and you will be taken to the PayPal payment gateway.

Payment methods