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Dear Journalists!

December 11th, 2016 will hold the very first Sochi International Film Awards. We are looking forward to seeing you all at our film festival and sincerely hope that the new festival will serve as a real bridge for the cultural reunification of people everywhere.

Please read the rules of accreditation.

All submitted applications are reviewed by the Directorate of SIFA which reserves the right to refuse accreditation for legitimate reasons without any explanation. Your understanding of these conditions is greatly appreciated. Issuance of accreditation cards require proof of identity.The number of persons accredited per company is limited. This decision is made by the Directorate individually.Please note that after the issuance of the accreditation card, it becomes the property of accredited persons. In cases of damage and loss, theft, accreditation is renewed only upon payment of a fine of seven thousand rubles. The transfer of accreditation to other persons is prohibited. Accreditation Service by SIFA runs from the 7th December to 10, 2016. Ticketing Service by SIFA runs from December 11th to 15th December, 2016.

For Russian speaking press, please contact:

email: с пометкой "Аккредитация. Кинофестиваль"

Контактное лицо: Стародуб Татьяна Федоровна, тел. 8-918-40-80-345

Копылова Ирина Сергеевна, тел. 8-918-309-09-97

For English speaking press, please contact:; (All emails should have a note: “SIFA-2016”)


+447967336021 – Theresa Douglas

Director of the website & its associated contents: Tim Dabagov

Looking forward to see you all at the Festival!